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Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass

Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass 

Transportation services 

  • Non-reserved seats of Sanyo Shinkansen between Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima
    • Shin-Osaka
    • Shin-Kobe
    • Himeji
    • Okayama
    • Hiroshima and more
  • Non-reserved seats of Limited Express trains in Sanyo area
    • Kansai-Airport Express, Haruka
    • Kuroshio
    • Thunderbird and more
  • Special Rapid Services, Rapid Services, and local trains in Sanyo area
    • Kyoto
    • Tsuruga
    • Nara
    • Wakayama
    • Shirahama
    • Uno
    • Takamatsu
    • Miyajimaguchi
    • Tadanoumi
    • Utazu and more
  • JR West Miyajima Ferry
  • West JR Bus in the area
  • Chugoku JR Bus in the area

Pass type (Duration)

  • 5 days: Can be used for 5 consecutive days from the starting date

    Seat type

    • Ordinary car only

        Eligibility for use

        • You must be a foreign tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing under the entry status of "temporary visitor."

        For detail about Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass, please check the official site of JR West

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