Japan Rail Pass Official Agent and Best price guarantee

Why order with us?

7 reasons to buy JR Pass from us.

1. Best price guarantee

    • We are a Japan Rail Pass official agent. Best price guarantee.
    2. Fast delivery worldwide/Super Express delivery to Japan
    • We fast-deliver to over 120 countries.
    • The same day shipping to airports or hotels in Japan.
    3. Pick-up at airports in Japan/hotels in Japan
    • You can pick-up your pass at airports in Japan or hotels in Japan.

    4. Travel insurance pack

    • We offer Travel Insurance Pack which you can receive various services during your stay in Japan
      • Cashless medical treatment in Japan
      • Compensation of medial treatment in Japan
      • Medical interpreter

    5. Secure payment

    • We accept VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX via a secure payment system used by over 800,000 shops worldwide.
    6. Local support by Japan train experts
    • Our local office, authorized travel agent in Tokyo, have over 10 experts of Shinkansen and Japanese trains supporting over 50000 visitors to Japan. They can help you.
    7. Free JR Pass Information Guide
    • You can receive a JR Pass Information Guide which you can get information about JR Pass.