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What is JR Pass?

What is JR Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass (or commonly called “JR Pass”) is a special pass valid for unlimited travel nationwide on transportations operated by Japan Railways (or commonly called JR).

It can be used by foreign tourists only, and offers cost-efficient unlimited use of JR trains for 7 days, 14 days or 21 days.

There are two class types to this pass:

  1.    Ordinary
  2.    Green type

The Green type is valid on green cars (equivalent to first class cars) which offer more spacious and less occupied seats than the regular cars.

While the Japan Rail Pass covers across the nation, there are Regional Japan Rail Passes also available for those who travels within a certain region of Japan.  


  • Your trip in Japan is longer than 7 days.
  • You have NOT arrive in Japan yet. You have to buy the pass BEFORE arrival(*).
  • You plan to ride long-distance trains often; if your stay is 7-day, maybe riding long-distance trains among more than three cities would worth Japan Rail Pass. If you stay in ONE or TWO CITIES for many days, it may be NOT for you.
  • Non-Japanese tourist who enters Japan with "temporary visitor" stamp on his/her passport upon entry. The pass cannot be purchased by residents of Japan.

(*) You can purchase the pass in Japan after arrival but it will be high-priced.

For more information about JR Pass, please check this page.