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Hanazono Rugby Stadium - Rugby World Cup JAPAN 2019

Hanazono Rugby Stadium

Hanazono Rugby Stadium, or Higashiosaka City Hanazono Rugby Stadium, is located in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture. Hanazono Rugby Stadium is famously known as the stage for the annual National High School Rugby Tournament held every December. It is also the home stadium of the Kintetsu Liners rugby union team.

Higashi Osaka (Osaka)

Higashiosaka, or East Osaka area, is known as a rugby town and a manufacturing town. This area can be reached within an hour from the center of Osaka by train, so you will be able to enjoy watching Rugby games and explore the city of Osaka within the same day.



Hanazono Rugby Stadium has a capacity of 26,000 seats. It is the oldest dedicated rugby stadium in Japan opened in 1929.


Access to Hanazono Rugby Stadium

The stadium is located in 10-minute walking distance from Higashi-Hanazono station (Kintetsu Nara Subway).

Higashi-Hanazono Station can be reached in 20 minutes ride from Osaka Namba Station, the center of the Osaka city, so it is quite easy to get to Hanazono Rugby Stadium from Osaka center.


Higashi-Hanazono station is the nearest station to the stadium which takes about 10 minutes from the station to the stadium.

Higashi-Hanazono station is 21 minutes ride from Osaka Namba station by Kintetsu Nara Subway.

If you are coming from Shin-Osaka station, a Shinkansen station in Osaka area, taking Midosuji line to Namba station, and then transfer (2 minutes) to Kintetsu Nara line at Osaka Namba station is the simplest way.


How to access to Osaka from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka

From Tokyo to Osaka

Shinkansen is available from Tokyo (Tokyo station or Shinagawa station) to Osaka. Shin-Osaka station, 15 minutes ride from the center of Osaka, is the only station that Shinkansen stops in Osaka area.

It takes about 2 hours 26 minutes from Shinagawa to Shi-Osaka (or 2 hours 33 minutes from Tokyo) station.

Or, you can reach Kansai International Airport or Itami Airport from Haneda Airport (takes 1 hour and 10 minutes) as well, so travelling by air can be an option.

From Nagoya to Osaka

Shinkansen should be the option from Nagoya to Shin-Osaka. You can take a Shinkansen from Nagoya to Osaka area without any transit. It takes 50 minutes by Nozomi train (not available for JR Pass). If you have JR Pass, you can take Hikari or Kodama trains from Nagoya to Shin-Osaka which takes a bit longer than Nozomi, but no transit required.

From Fukuoka to Osaka

You can take a Shinkansen from Hakata to Shin-Osaka without any transit. It takes 2 hours 28 minutes by Nozomi/Mizuho train (not available for JR Pass). If you have JR Pass, you can take Hikari or Kodama trains from Hakata to Shin-Osaka area but it takes much longer than Nozomi/Mizuho.

From Kansai International Airport / Itami Airport

You can take an airport limousine to JR Namba station (takes 25 minutes) where you can transfer to Osaka Namba station (Kintetsu Nara subway) which will take you directly to Hanazono Rugby Stadium.


How to go to the stadium with Japan Rail Pass

If you plan to use JR Pass, you can take Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka station from other major stations, or to JR Namba station from any JR station around Osaka.

Please note that you cannot use JR Pass from Osaka Namba station to Higashi-Hanazono station, the closest station to the stadium, as you can only use JR Pass for the transportations operated by JR and Higashi-Hanazono station is one of the stations operated by Kintetsu subway.


Matches at Hanazono Rugby Stadium

There will be 4 matches at Hanazono Rugby Stadium

  • 2019 September 22nd (Sun.) 14:45 Italy vs. Namibia
  • 2019 September 28th (Sat.) 13:45 Argentina vs. Tonga
  • 2019 October 3rd (Thu.) 14:15 Georgia vs. Fiji
  • 2019 October 13th (Sun.) 14:45 U.S.A. vs. Tonga


Osaka Attractions

Osaka is Japan's second largest metropolitan city. It is famous for its food and nighttime entertainment districts. You can also enjoy traditional buildings such as temples, shrines and castles, and the tallest building in the country.

What to do in Osaka


Dotombori is the most popular shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and culinary destination in Osaka. The name Dotombori is derived from the Dotombori Canal that runs through the area. The entertainment district is located mostly on the east side of Midosuji street.

Osaka Dotombori


The original tower Built in 1912, Tsutenkaku Tower was designed to resemble the Eiffel Tower in Paris on top and the Arc de Triomphe at its base. It is the biggest attraction of Shinsekai area。

USJ (Universal Studios Japan)

USJ, located in the Osaka Bay Area, is the first Universal Studios to be built in Asia. Today it is the most visited amusement park in Japan after Tokyo Disney Resort. Visitors are able to enjoy many amusement rides, including the roller coasters and simulators based on movies such as Spiderman, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park.

Abeno Harukas

Being the tallest skyscraper (height: 300 meters) in Japan, Abeno Harukas stands on top of the Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station and houses an observation deck, a department store, and a luxury hotel.

The observation deck or so-called “The Harukas 300”, occupy floors 58 to 60, gives you the beautiful panoramic view of Osaka area especially on a sunny day.

Abeno Harukas

What to eat in Osaka

Osaka is famously known for its local food. There is an expression, “Kuidaore” which literally means “eating till you drop”.


Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese half-snack half-meal made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. It is filled with diced octopus, tempura scraps, and pickled ginger, and once cooked, the dumplings are pasted with a sweet brown Takoyaki sauce, topped with mayonnaise and a sprinkling powdered seaweed, and dried flakes of bonito. There is even a Takoyaki museum in the area where you can learn everything about Takoyaki.


Okonomiyaki is a pancake made from eggs, flour, and shredded cabbage. You can also add whatever you like to this basic ingredient, such as pork, squid, and shrimp. Similar to Takoyaki, it will be pasted with a dressing of brown sauce, mayonnaise, powdered nori seaweed, and dried bonito flakes.


Kushikatsu is popular all over Japan nowadays but was originated in the Shinsekai district in Osaka. It is skewered kebabs of meat, seafood, or vegetables deep fried to a crispy golden finish and can be enjoyed with a variety of dipping sauces. Since there are some special rules that you need to follow when eating kushikatsu, pay attention to the rules explained by the restaurant you visit.


Where to stay in Osaka

There are many hotels in Osaka area. You have many choices from luxury ones to reasonable ones. You can check the following hot, popular, high-rating hotels.



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