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Refund Policy

Cancel/Refund policy


All orders can be cancelled within 24 hours from the order placement.

After 24 hours from the order placement, the following cancel/refund policy will apply:

  • 100% Refund* - Cancellation made 30 days or more than 30 days prior to your departure** of your country (including the departure date**)
  • 85% Refund* - Cancellation made 29 days or less than 29 days prior to your departure** of your country (including the departure date**)

*For any cancellation made after shipping, the 85% refund will be made only for the price of the pass. The shipping fee and a surcharge will not be refunded.

**The date selected in the cart page is considered as your departure date of your country.

Cancel after shipping or picking-up vouchers:

In order to get a refund, picked-up/shipped vouchers need to be returned to our local agent in Japan (Re-Japan Inc.).
The refund will be made after the local agency confirms your vouchers returned.
Please make sure that the vouchers are UNUSED as we can only refund the vouchers that are unused (no parts should be torn off).

Shipping address of vouchers for a refund:
Re-Japan Inc.
419 NOA Dogenzaka Building,
2-15-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1500053, JAPAN


Modification of voucher and shipping address 

The following charges apply to modification of vouchers, such as names on vouchers, and a shipping address.

  • Modification of the issued voucher: ¥980/voucher
  • Modification of the shipping address: ¥480/order

Our customer service announces you how much it costs to modify your order when you request to modify your voucher(s) or your shipping address.



A refund will be made to the credit card/PayPal account used to purchase the ticket.



If you have any trouble receiving your vouchers after the shipment, please contact us immediately.
Please be sure that we take no responsibility for the vouchers delivered, especially on and after the departure day. Any problems that occur after delivery is made is the responsibility of the customer (such as vouchers being lost).