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About Us

Re: Japan Inc., Re: World Pty. Ltd. and KTMJ Co., Ltd. are the authorized travel agents/Japan Rail Pass agents based in Japan, Australia, and the Internet.

We purchase individual train tickets and issue Japan Rail Pass (and other regional passes) for you, and deliver them to your home address in your country, or your hotel in Japan for those purchasing them at the last minute!

We offer two services; Japan Rail Pass and 
You are currently viewing Japan Rail Pass. If you are looking for an individual train ticket, please visit Shinkansen-Ticket.com.

We often hear that some tourists to Japan have difficulties purchasing Shinkansen/Bullet train tickets, because of the languages, lack of information and time, and other reasons.
We are here to support the tourists to enjoy their stay without wasting time to get/purchase tickets and spend more time exploring Japan.

Since we run two types of online ticket stores as one integrated team, you can order specific Shinkansen/Limited Express tickets and JR Pass from us together and receive them at once.
Our experienced booking specialists are more than happy to assist you with the smoothest train purchasing experience in Japan.

Save your time for making your travel plans with Shinkansen-Ticket.com and Japan Rail Pass!

See our company name is on a list of authorized Japan Rail Pass agents below.


License and Association

Travel agent license: No.2-7782, licensed by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
A member of All Nippon Travel Agents Association.


Contact us:
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Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Service provider Re-Japan Inc. / Re: World Pty. Ltd. / KTMJ Co., Ltd.
Service name Shinkansen Ticket / JR PASS
Representative Mami Toyoda
Japan Office:

419 NOA Dogenzaka, 
2-15-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 1500053, JAPAN

Australia Office:
111 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

Malaysia Office:
Unit Level 9F(2), Main Office Tower, Financial Park
Labuan, Jalan Merdeka, Federal Territory of Labuan
87000, Malaysia


+81 70 2628 8615
+61 7 3063 0788
(9:00am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, local time)



Price is described in each product page.
Any Charges
Credit card surcharge will apply for payment by credit card. Charges will be displayed at the checkout page.
Tickets will be delivered to a purchaser's hotel in Japan or to any address outside Japan.
Credit Card / Bank Transfer
Cancel/Refund Policy


All orders can be cancelled within 24 hours from the order placement.

After 24 hours from the order placement, the following cancel/refund policy applies:

  • 100% Refund* - Cancellation made 30 days or more than 30 days prior to your departure** of your country (including the departure date**)
  • 85% Refund* - Cancellation made 29 days or less than 29 days prior to your departure** of your country (including the departure date**)

*For any cancellation made after shipping, the refund will be made only for the price of the pass. The shipping fee will not be refunded.

**The date selected in the cart page is considered as your departure date of your country.

Modification of voucher and shipping address 

The following charges apply to modification of vouchers, such as names on vouchers, and a shipping address.

  • Modification of the issued voucher: ¥980/voucher
  • Modification of the shipping address: ¥480/order

Our customer service announces you how much it costs to modify your order when you request to modify your voucher(s) or your shipping address. 

License No.
Travel Agency License: Tokyo 2-7782