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Sakura, Cherry Blossoms, season

March 24, 2019

Sakura, Cherry Blossoms, season

Sakura is blooming

It is announced that cherry tree is blooming in Tokyo on March 21st, 2019.

On the next day, March 22nd, it is announced that cherry tree is blooming in Nagoya.

For Osaka and Kyoto, it is not announced yet, but it is expected that cherry tree will be blooming on March 27th for Osaka and March 25th for Kyoto.

Here is the latest information about when Sakura is/will be blooming:

  • Tokyo: March 21st
  • Osaka: March 27th (forecast)
  • Kyoto: March 25th (forecast)
  • Nagoya: March 22nd
  • Hokkaido: May 1st (forecast)
  • Nagano: April 8th (forecast)
  • Hiroshima: March 22nd
  • Fukuoka: March 21st


The best timing for Sakura

The best timing to enjoy cherry blossoms is when cherry tree is in full bloom.

Here is the latest forecast for cherry tree in full bloom for major areas in japan.

  • Tokyo: March 29th
  • Osaka: April 3rd
  • Kyoto: April 2nd
  • Nagoya: April 1st
  • Hokkaido: May 5th
  • Nagano: April 13th
  • Hiroshima: March 31st
  • Fukuoka: March 29th

As temperature varies depending on areas, the best time for Sakura in full bloom varies. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy full bloom Sakura in more than one cities. For example, you can enjoy Sakura in full bloom in Tokyo around March 29th. After that, you can move to Kyoto to enjoy Sakura around April 2nd and then Osaka next day.


How to enjoy Sakura

Hanami picnic (drinking/eating)

The most popular way to enjoy Sakura is Hanami at Sakura places. It is like a picnic at a park with cherry blossom trees.

In Japan, you can drink alcohol in parks unless it is prohibited (Some parks prohibit to drink alcohol.). You will see a lot of people drinking, eating, chatting, and singing in parks with Sakura in Sakura season. (You will see a lot of drunken people...)

There are popular places for Hanami picnic:

  • Ueno Onshi Park (Tokyo)
  • Shinjuku Gyoen Nationa Garden (Tokyo) - No alcohol
  • Yoyogi Park (Tokyo)
  • Expo'70 Commemorative Park (Osaka)
  • Kamogawa Park (Kyoto)
  • Umekoji Park (Kyoto)
  • Omiya Park (Saitama)

Hanami walk

Another popular way to enjoy Sakura is Hanami walk. It is simply to take a walk in Sakura areas. There are Sakura treen on river sides. In these areas, it is popular to walk so that you can enjoy Sakura trees during your walk.

Here are popular palces for Hanami walk:

  • Meguro river (Tokyo)
  • Chidorigafuchi Park (Tokyo)
  • Yodogawa Kasen Park (Kyoto)
  • Japan Ming (Osaka)
  • Ookagawa (Kanagawa)

Other popular areas with Sakura

  • Rikugi-en (Tokyo)
  • Yasukuni Shrine (Tokyo)
  • Roppongi Hills (Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Midtown (Tokyo)
  • Osaka Castle Park (Osaka)
  • Ninna-ji (Kyoto)
  • Daigoji (Kyoto)
  • Arashiyama (Kyoto)
  • Heian Shrine (Kyoto)
  • Nagoya Castle Park (Nagoya)


Sakura information

Japan National Tourism Organization has Cheery blossom information page in English, Korean, and Chinese.

You can check the latest cherry blossom blooming forecast and many information about Hanami and Hanami places.


How to access to Sakura palaces

If you have Japan Rail Pass, you can go to major stations, such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, and Ueno in Tokyo area, Kyoto station, Osaka station, and Nagoya station.

For some parks, you can walk from a station. For some parks, you may need to take busses/subways/taxies.

It is possible to enjoy Sakura in different cities as each city may have different timing to have cherry blossoms in full bloom.

If you stay in Japan from the end of March to April, it is recommended to visit Sakura areas in Tokyo and possible Sakura areas in Kyoto/Osaka.

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