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Three Things to Check Before you purchase "Japan Rail Pass"

May 24, 2019

Three Things to Check Before you purchase "Japan Rail Pass"

Have you decided to use "Japan Rail Pass"? Do you really know about the validation of the pass well?
Before you purchase your Japan Rail Pass, please check the following three points!
If all of these points meet your requests, please proceed to purchase it from our Japan Rail Pass Purchase page!

Check Point 1) Do you know "You CANNOT book your Shinkansen seat before you arrive in Japan"?

Please make sure that you CANNOT book your seat on Shinkansen or any JR Express trains in advance BEFORE you arrive in Japan. You can book your seats AFTER you arrive in Japan ONLY.

First of all, you need to exchange your voucher with your actual Japan Rail Pass at Ticket Exchange Office after you arrive in Japan. 

Note: Your voucher has to be exchanged with the actual Japan Rail Pass in 90 days after issuing!

After exchanging with the actual Japan Rail Pass, you need to activate your pass and then you can reserve your seat, finally. If you don't want to activate your pass soon, you can select your activation date of your pass. 

Note: After exchanging with the actual Japan Rail Pass, you should activate it within 30 days!

Please visit the JR Pass: from purchase to travel page for more details:

If you are planning to visit Japan in the busy season such as Golden week ( Spring Holidays in Japan ) , Obon week ( Summer Holidays in Japan ) or New Year's Holidays, there is a possibility that you CANNOT book your seat after you arrive in Japan. In that season, we recommend you to purchase single Shinkansen tickets for each routes of your trip separately.

Please visit our sister site "Shinkansen-Ticket.com" to purchase your single Shinkansen tickets!

Check Point 2) Do you know "You CANNOT take Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen train with your Japan Rail Pass"?

For instance, if you want to visit Kyoto from Tokyo station by the fastest Shinkansen Nozomi train, you cannot take it with your Japan Rail Pass. You can choose only Hikari ( the second fastest Shinkansen ) or Kodama ( the third fastest Shinkansen ) instead to get there.

Like the above, with your Japan Rail Pass, you can take any JR trains in Japan except Nozomi and Mizuho. So if you don't care the fastest Shinkansen train, Japan Rail Pass will work for your trip!

Check Point 3) Do you know "You CANNOT ride on Subways in the cities ( such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto ) with your Japan Rail Pass"?

If you are staying for several days in Tokyo and going to visit many places to see, you CAN take any transportations operated by Japan Railway such as JR Yamanote Line with your pass. However, you CANNOT take transportaions not operated by Japan Railway such as subways with your pass... So please check that Japan Rail Pass will cover the stations you want to visit before you purchase it!

Please refer to JAPAN RAIL PASS Scope of Validity page offered by Japan Railways for the details.


I LIKE JAPAN RAIL PASS!If all the above checkpoints are suitable for your trip, you should purchase Japan Rail Pass right now!
Here is our Japan Rail Pass Purchase page.

If you have any concerns or questions, please refer our FAQ page as well!