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Who is eligible for the JR Pass?

How can I purchase and receive my JR Pass?

How many days in advance can I order?

Can I place my order more than 3 months before my departure?

I didn't receive a confirmation email

Is there any senior / student discount to the JR Pass?

My child will turn 12 years old in Japan. Does he/she need an Adult JR Pass?


What can I select as the method of payment?

Which credit card can I use?

Can I get a receipt for my payment?

How much is the shipping fee?


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Can I receive my voucher / JR Pass by email?

Receiving voucher in your country

Can you ship my voucher to my address in my country?



Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Is my information secured?

Shinkansen ticket

Can I purchase Shinkansen ticket instead of Japan Rail Pass?