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Who is eligible for the JR Pass?

How can I purchase and receive my JR Pass?

How many days in advance can I order?

Can I place my order more than 3 months before my departure?

I didn't receive a confirmation email

Is there any senior / student discount to the JR Pass?

Can I cancel my order?

I entered the wrong name for my order. Can I change the name for my order?

My child will turn 12 years old in Japan. Does he/she need an Adult JR Pass?


How can I pay for my order? (Payment method)

Which credit card can I use?

Can I get a receipt for my payment

What currency can I pay?


In General

How much is the shipping fee?

Can I receive my voucher / JR Pass by email?

How much is the shipping fee?

Receiving voucher in your country

Can you ship my voucher to my address in my country?

Receiving voucher in Japan

Can I receive my voucher in Japan?



Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Is my information secured?

Shinkansen ticket

Can I purchase Shinkansen ticket instead of Japan Rail Pass?